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Store bought/boil and bite mouthgaurds provide little to no protection, because they are generic and your mouth is unique. Custom made mouthgaurds are made according to exact measurements of your mouth. Except for being much more comfortable, they provide maximum protection not only for your teeth, but also have many other protective advantages according to research. Watch this short 20second video, with Huttenpark's 1st Rugby team and find out how a custom made mouthgaurd protects MUCH MORE than just your smile!!! #huttenparkrugby #wearcustommademouthgaurds #protectyoursmile

Posted by Dr Larika Robb on Monday, May 9, 2016

Watch our 67second video, handing out 67 toothbrushes, in 67 minutes throughout town to celebrate Mandeladay! Follow us on our journey through town! #drlarikarobb #visitthedentist #goodcleanfun #mandeladay #madibaday #67minutes #67toothbrushes #brushbash #2016 #67secondvideo #thatsawrap

Posted by Dr Larika Robb on Tuesday, July 19, 2016